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In partnership with Raconteur, I worked with our EMEA-based Forcepoint marketing team to create a collection of thought leadership content that is visually rich and magazine-inspired.

Thinking Outside the Network Security Box

Content localization requires a high-touch, self-aware team to create content that people will not only engage with, but find inspiration in. The goal was to create a long-form piece of thought leadership content in the network security space to continue to drive the high caliber reputation of Forcepoint in the EMEA market.

Forcepoint had been a booming brand in the EMEA market due to their reputation as high security, battle-tested, enterprise security services and employees. The team is seasoned, professional, and so is their technology.

Which is why when we set out to inspire our market, we decided to put together a magazine-inspired, digital asset that our prospects and customers could read. We distributed this asset digitally, and it is still live on

Digital experience: