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Jeanine White at work with a colleague


Cat Allen is a digitally diverse individual with a passion for marketing and developing socially responsible, sustainable, ethical technology products that help to build a better world.

A personal and data privacy advocate, Cat enjoys working to grow products for a world that upholds individual freedom and protects the people from not just each other, but also from the machines. She is on a mission to not only defend, but to create, a future our children will want to live in.

Cat takes much of her inspiration from over 24 years in the saddle - riding, training and rehabbing horses for hunter and jumper arenas across the United States. She is on a mission to restore the popularity of the American 🇺🇸 Thoroughbred in the competitive showjumping arena by exhibiting the power of second chances.


Certificate of Completion, Coding Dojo: HTML/CSS Foundations / Ruby on Rails / Python / M.E.A.N.

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, Northern Illinois University


Storytelling, public speaking, strategic product messaging/positioning, technical marketing programs, omni-channel campaign strategy, long form and technical content writing/editing.