Ship **it Securely Campaign

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A weeklong campaign designed to drive awareness of and conversation around three new security offerings from Netlify.

Ship **it Securely

The goal was to drive awareness about three new security offerings from Netlify. We know that people are busy and attention spans are fleeting, so rather than waiting for people to come back and engage with content over multiple weeks, we decided to serve up the content in a Netflix-inspired weeklong binge.

Every day for five days, we released a new blog. On the second, third, and fourth day we launched new platform features which included a blog, a demo video, and an on-demand webinar call-to-action.

This campaign drove record engagement with users spending an average time of greater than 3 minutes on the site with bounce rates below 50%. It helped to influence record renewal and upsell opportunities for Netlify.

See the evergreen version of this campaign: